1. Opening NRO (Rupee) / NRE (Rupee) at all branches.
  2. FCNR accounts at select IBD Branches for NRI.
  3. Handling of Inward and Outward Remittances (Trade Related).
  4. All types of Remittance are pertaining to Education / University Fees, Medical Expenditures, Maintenance Expenses, Permissible Investments Abroad.
  5. Handling of Export Documents.
  6. Export finance in the form of Pre-Shipment & Post-Shipment (Concessional interest rate).
  7. Opening of Import letter of credit, UD Dollar cheque collections.
  8. Currency changing facility at selected branches.
  9. Mobile banking facility available
  10. Prepaid multi currency Travel card in 18 currencies at selected branches.
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  1. We can open a letter of credit (LC) on your behalf of any party in any country.
  2. We handle intermediary trade transactions.
  3. Import related remittances for advance payment in 8 major currencies and other misc. currencies as well.
  4. You can call your Direct documents through our Bank on D/P, D/A basis.
  1. You can avail Pre-Shipment / Post-Shipment finance at very attractive interest rates against LC or Confirmed Order.
  2. Advising of an export Letter of Credit issued in your favour.
  3. Export related remittances.
  4. We will handle your Export bills on collection basis or can negotiate or discount.
  5. EEFC A/C & Diamond Dollar Account can be used to keep your export receivables to match import commitments.

Chikhali Urban Co-op Bank has tied up with HDFC Bank for distribution of “HDFC Bank Multicurrency ForexPlus Platinum Card”, which is exclusively designed for customers having multi destination travel requirements.

  1. Cardholder can withdraw cash or use the card at Point of Sale Terminal in any currency anywhere in the world using Platinum Multicurrency Card.
  2. For transactions carried out in the card currency, cardholder doesn’t lose out on foreign exchange due to fluctuating market rates.
  3. Cardholder can transfer balance from one currency to another using Prepaid Netbanking facility available on Platinum Multicurrency ForexPlus card.
  4. Multicurrency ForexPlus card also comes with an option of back up card. Back up card can be used as a replacement card in case cardholder loses his / her primary card.
  5. Encashment and issuance of all major currencies for leisure and business tour.
  6. Multi Currency Travel Card in 18 currencies (USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, CAD, SGD & JPY) :-
  1. We handle all types of remittance requirement towards Education fees, Medical treatment,Family maintenance,Gift and any other purpose(permissible in LRS under FEMA guidelines).
  2. You can call for remittances permissible under FEMA.
  3. Residents can remit funds for Overseas Investment (permissible under FEMA guidelines).