Safe Deposit Locker

CHIKHALI URBAN CO-OP BANK Sahakari Bank offers Safe Deposit Lockers facility to its Customers at selected Branches. The facility is made available throughout business timings of the Branch.

Locker rent has been revised as follows :
  1. Reversal of Locker rent will be applicable to customers maintaining an average balance of Rs.5,00,000/- or more in their saving/current account for the preceding year.
  2. Service taxes will be charged invariably to all locker holders irrespective of any concession/waiver applicable.
  3. Service charges of Rs.500/- + tax will be applicable to locker holders making application for duplicate key / break open in case of loss of key etc. other than vendor break open charges.
  4. Service charges of Rs.500/- + taxes will be applicable to locker holders towards surrender of locker without intimation of 2 months or more.
Type of Locker -A-
Branches covered under any Municipal Corporation
Branches not covered under any Municipal Corporation
A 1,100.00 1,000.00
B 1,300.00 1,100.00
C 1,700.00 1,500.00
D 2,000.00 1,600.00
E 2,600.00 2,400.00
H1 2,600.00 2,400.00
I 2,600.00 2,400.00
F 3,500.00 3,000.00
G 4,200.00 4,000.00
H 4,400.00 4,200.00
B2 6,700.00 6,300.00
J 6,700.00 6,300.00
K 6,700.00 6,300.00
L 6,700.00 6,300.00